Dream Big

 What is your purpose? Do you have a dream for your life?

My husband and I have been talking about our dreams and what we are striving for lately. As any normal person, our dreams have changed as we get in different phases of our lives.

A dream that I had was to become a stay at home mom, well now I am living that dream and am very blessed to be able to do so. My husband asked me what my purpose and dream was now. What do I live for everyday and strive for? One of my first priorities is, of course, my children and husband, but I realized that I still need to be striving for something because otherwise I can get into a rut and not feel driven. I had to think about this for a while, and still may not have the answer, but I do see the purpose in it and how it can help your overall emotional and mental state.

When we seek God's wisdom and guidance we can form a dream and plan for our lives. It may not always turn out the way we thought, but God definitely knows better than we do. There is a song, surprise surprise 😃, that I thought of while typing this out. It is called "Dream for you" by Casting Crowns. (I promise I listen to more music than just Casting Crowns!).

The chorus goes like this: "So come on, let Me dream, let Me dream for you, I am strong when you're weak and I'll carry you, So let go of your plan, be caught by My hand, I'll show you what I can do, When I dream for you, I have a dream for you."

We need to let God help us dream and dream big. One of the verses mentions Mary and how she had a dream for her life to marry Joseph and have children someday, but God had another plan. I love this imagery because we can see examples of how God changes our dreams into something unimaginable and greater.

There are days when it feels like we just go through the motions (another song 😉) and not sure what we are striving for. I have lately been having a hard time focusing on a dream because I never put together that I have to have a purpose for my days and not just feel like I am just doing the same thing over and over everyday. Let me tell you, pregnancy/breastfeeding and hormones do a lot to your body and can wear on you emotionally, physically, and any other way you can imagine. The postpartum life is not always an easy one, but have a goal/dream/purpose for your days can truly help. "When you're weak and I'll carry you," so powerful. God is always strong and always willing to help us when we let Him.

What is it that you dream about and strive for? Is it to get a degree, hold a specific position at work, find a new job, buy a house, have a farm, or something else? Do not give up on your dream, God has big plans for you in your life and He wants to help you achieve those dreams if you let Him. Let God dream for you and you will look back someday and say "wow, I never could have done that on my own."