There is a way

 As some of you know, my husband and I are looking for a house. Now, the city we live in and want to stay in seems to be higher in pricing than others that are nearby. This is hard for us because our budget it not very high compared to the average house price around here. It could be so easy to say let's look either a little south or north of us, and we could find the perfect house. Unfortunately, neither of us feel that is the right thing to do because our ministry is here in this specific city. God called us here, and we cannot always take the easy road in order to achieve a goal or dream.

You probably already know where this is a song. There is a song by I Am They that I always go back to and continue to remind myself of. It is called "Make a Way."

The chorus goes like this: "Wherever you lead me, I know you won’t leave me, Wherever you call me, You will make a way, Wherever we’re going, I will be holding, To the promise you have made, You will make a way."

I am reminding myself of these words constantly. God has led us here to this city, and He will make a way for us to continue our ministry. Now, this may not look exactly like we think it should, but He won't leave us as long as we are following His call.

There are many times when life seems to be crumbling around us or our plans do not seem to be going how we envisioned. God is there. If you are following the path He has set out for you and constantly listening, then you will be able to get through the hard times and see the light at the end of the tunnel. It may be hard in the moment, but it sure is rewarding at the end. I know personally, I have looked back on circumstances and realized why each event had to happen in order for me to get to the end result and where I am today.

The first line of this song states "you brought me to the desert, so you can be my water." Think about that for a minute, what does it mean to you? Life is hard and many circumstances seem out of our control. But when we are in those desperate moments and do not know what else to do, God is still there and will be our water in the desert. Unfortunately, in order to truly appreciate something we have to be brought to a point of desperation. Otherwise, we may miss the lesson we need to learn.

Do you have something going on at work? Or in your personal life? Maybe there is a dream that you desperately want and cannot have right now. Whatever it may be, be patient and still. Know that He is God and allow Him to work through you and in your life. Trust me, I am speaking to ,myself here as much as you.