The struggle is fear

 There have been a lot of events happening in our country and it seems more and more are happening every day. In my mind, the first thought is sadness but then there is fear. I am definitely a paranoid person and some days really struggle with fear of what tomorrow brings or what may happen to my family. But why do we fear? What do we have to fear?

In the Bible there are countless times where the text states not to be afraid. Why is it so hard then to not be afraid and to trust God? I do not think we can fully say we trust God if we are afraid of what the future holds. I am reading the book of Luke and just within the first three chapters, I read the words "Do not be afraid" at least three times, if not more. It is in our human nature, but we have to remind ourselves that God tells us not to be afraid or worry what the future holds because today has enough trouble as it is (Matthew 6:34)

A song that I have come to love lately is called "No Longer Slaves" and the chorus says :
                 "I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God."

If we are children of God then we have no reason to fear. I know it is hard when it seems violence and hatred are all around us, but there was violence in the Bible and God is still telling us not to fear. Each day I have to consciously remind myself not to fear. I worry about my husband as he goes to and from work everyday, I worry when I go out with the kids, and I am always on high alert at the store and in any public place. Yes, I should be careful and be aware of my surroundings, but to be afraid that something may happen every day is not how we are called to live.

What is something you struggle with daily or even weekly? Each day make a conscious effort to give that struggle to God and find strength in your weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).