Fighting for the ones you love

 I'm going to start off by saying, my marriage and relationship with my husband is not perfect. We wouldn't be human if we never had an argument or disagreement once in a while. As new stages in life come, we learn more about each other, good and bad. We get mad at each other, we have our days were we don't "like" the other person very much, but at the end of the day we still love each other.

There have been a couple times where we have had people say they look at our relationship and want what we have or hope to have that some day. I never know what to say at those moments because I honestly don't know what our "secret" is. To me, I am always taken back by those comments because I do see the bad days and the times when we are both frustrated and take it out on each other at the end of the day. Yesterday, for example, Ben came home to both children having a melt down and me attempting to make dinner in the midst of it all. After a long day of working and being with customers all day, I'm sure the last thing he wanted was to walk into the house of chaos.

A little back story on our relationship, we became friends our freshman year of college and grew closer as time went on. We started dating the winter of our Sophomore year and dated for two years before getting married in March 2013. We have always been open with each other and try to communicate as much as possible. Of course, that is not always the case and we have times where that does not happen. One of the biggest aspects of our relationship that does help us on any day is having God in our lives and at the center of our relationship.

The song "Fight for you" is perfect! I cannot even pick a section to focus on, you just have to listen to it and focus on the words. Click on the link and take it in.

Ben and I choose to fight for each other everyday, no matter what. From the beginning we have always said divorce is not an option, it is not threatened, or ever brought up. When we choose to fight for our spouse or significant other, we are saying "yes" everyday. Build each other up, not tear down. Remember how in elementary school if a negative comment was made, that person then had to give multiple positive comments? Why don't we do that in our relationships? Everyone gets mad and that is okay, but it is how we handle that anger and making sure we do not say something that we will regret later or we know will really hurt our spouse. I am talking to myself as much as the next person, and everyday I try and be better than the day before.

How can you encourage your significant other or just a friend today? When we build others up, it boosts our own spirit as well.