When it is God's timing


A shorter version of a long story of the past two years.
Two years ago, we started looking to buy a house in Dewitt. At the time we were trying to do an organic church plant and thought that is where God was leading us. After about 6 months of searching for a house, hitting crazy roadblocks, putting an offer on two houses and losing them, and eventually feeling called in a different direction, we decided to stop the search. Our real estate agent was very understanding, even though we felt awful about walking away from buying a house and taking up her time. That was in January 2017.
Fast forward a few months to the summer of 2017. Benjamin was seeking a lead pastor position at a Nazarene church on our district. There were a few open and he felt called to St. Joseph. The district superintendent and church board all agreed and we moved in July 2017. Jump to July 2018, when the hard decision to close the church came. For many reasons, it was the best decision. We enjoyed the area, loved the people, and learned many things in that short time we were there.
So, here we are at the present. In September, we heard that Alma Nazarene was looking for a pastor. This church stuck in our minds and we kept feeling drawn to it. The moment we stepped into the building and met the people, we were excited. We went through the process and on December 8, 2019 the church voted Benjamin as their pastor. Once again, we had to begin looking for a house. Once we knew we were being presented to the church, we began the process of looking. Knowing it would be a long process, if history was going to repeat itself. We contacted our previous real estate agent from two years ago and she was more than excited to help us again. As I type this, about a month later, and we are staring at boxes that still need unpacked in our new house!
God is amazing, and when you follow His lead and direction, things fall into place. I didn't even mention the fact that our house in St. Joseph was for sale since August, but did not have a buyer until this last month and they are closing on it about a week or so after we moved out. I am in awe and amazed at how everything worked out and we didn't have to find temporary housing or anything in this transition.
It was a long, exhausting time. I am not going to sugar coat that at all, we are still exhausted and on edge with each other. Not to mention fitting Christmas into all of this. Since September, we have been driving every weekend to fill in at a church that needed pulpit supply. Usually, the drive was about 2 hours one way. The last month, we have been driving up to Midland to stay with my in-laws so we can be closer to Alma. That was a 3-hour drive one way, every weekend.
Needless to say, we are excited to be kind of settled and have a 5 minute drive to church now. If it tells you anything, one week we visited Sparta Nazarene. It is about a 5 minute (if that) drive from my mom's house. When we parked our daughter said, "that was a short drive to church." Yes honey, normal people only drive a few minutes to church, not a couple of hours.
It is hard to know what God has in store for you and we can make all our plans, but He has greater plans that are working out even before we see it. I have had many songs that I thought would fit this, but this one just came to mind and it is perfect. Mark Lee, from Third Day, has his own album and this song is called "Hurt Road." That first line, is just so true.
"Lord, I know that the dreams you have are greater than all of my little plans. So I'll keep walking on Hurt Road. Life is crazy when you're busy living it. Looking back you see it's part of his plan. Capture moments like fireflies in a jar. The perfect ending is out of your hands. I've never walked alone. I'm thankful for Hurt Road"
The last thing I want to add is this, choose to be kind to anyone you come in contact with. You may need to call them up again later in life. I keep thinking about our encounters with our real estate agent. If we were upset that things kept falling through or mad because she couldn't find us a house the first time, I'm sure things would look different and she probably wouldn't have wanted to work with us again. Looking back, it all makes sense as to why we had such crazy things happen. We had a few speed bumps this time as well but in a month we found a house, closed on it, and moved it. That was all God driven and planned out.
Don't give up if you feel you are in a valley and don't know what lies ahead. Keep pressing on and in a few years it will all make sense and you will see how the small things lined up to make a greater plan.